Focus, discipline, and time – and a lot of patience

All products in our range are designed and manufactured in Norway, which allows us to closely follow all steps in the development and production processes. We stick to this principle because we believe that this is how to achieve the best quality possible. The reaction from our users is entirely positive and this is how it should be.

We are an impatient team and would like to bring a lot more of our ideas to market faster than we do now. But quality takes time and designing products of the same high quality and standards is a process that requires focus and discipline – and impeccable quality is the one factor where we will not compromise.

Designing the most efficient compensator in the market – The TITAN MAGNUM “RAZOR” COMPENSATOR

It had to be as compact as possible and a lot of groundwork and tests was put into the development of this compensator – aaaand we’ve tried some strange things!?!

We filmed several compensators in slow motion to understand the optimal design for efficiently countering recoil. The final giant lightweight is made of TITAN, we made it to be a little over 100 grams, and we are absolutely satisfied with that result.

Check out the video; we think it speaks for itself.