Sauer 200 STR Diopter& Barrel alignment

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It’s a challenge to ensure proper alignment between barrel, sights and action when changing or replacing barrel in a Sauser 200 STR. The Sauser 200 STR Diopter/Barrel alignment tool from RPS will ensure proper alignment every time.

When mounting the barrel it is crucial that it is correctly lined up with the action, ensuring that the line of sight between the rear and front sights are paralell with the path of the bullet. If the front sight is off center compared to the rear sight, elevation adjustment will be incorrect. Then the bullet will drift towards right or left as you add elevation. See picture below for demonstration.

Using the Diopter/Barrel alignment tool is a quick and precise method of ensuring that your sights and barrels is in correct alignment.

Designed and developed by RPS AS, Norway

Machined from solid aluminium with tolerances of +- 0.01 mm

Stainless steel 316L screws.

Tips and tricks:

The diopter/barrel alignment tool kan also be used for training by removing the rear sight and using the front sight to train proper alignment.


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