RPS Compact RAZOR Compensator

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We decided to build the best muzzle brake / recoil compensator on the market. Their criteria was to make it as small as possible, while still retaining maximum effectiveness. The result is the Razor line of recoil compensators. They compare very favourably with any other recoil compensator on the market today, with respect to size, recoil dampening and product quality.

Material: AISI 4140 steel. Manganese phosphate surface coating.

Simply screw it on your gun and lock it in place with an allen key.

The Razor recoil compensator is within the criteria for the NFPS/DSSN-class “semi auto standard”.

Weight: 95 gram

Height: 21.3 mm

Width: 26 mm

Lenght: 65 mm

Additional information

Weight 0.95 kg
Thread size

1/2-28 unef, M14X1 LH, M14X1, M14X1,5, M15X1, M16X1, M17X1, M18X1, M18X1,5


.22, .264, .30


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